Average Joe Firearms – Texas Permitless Carry Online Course

  • No test, shooting or applications required. 
  • Learn the laws for Texas permitless / constitutional carry. 
  • Concealed and Open Carry without a License. 
  • 1 hour long and can be taken at your own pace from anywhere

  • Broken into 15-20 minute video segments. Start and stop as needed

  • Take the class from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • Immediate class access after purchase

  • Entirely Audio/Video based

No Test

No License

No Application

1 hour long online class. All video and audio based. Start at any time and complete at your own pace.

What You Will Learn:

About Texas Permitless Carry: 
Permitless Carry in Texas, also commonly referred to constitutional carry, went into effect on September 1st of 2021. This means that, in general, you can conceal or open carry a handgun in Texas without a license or permit. There are many laws and regulations that apply however, and it is every persons responsibility to know these before carrying a gun. Just because you can legally purchase a firearm, does not mean you will meet the eligibility requirements for permitless carry. 

FAQ and Course Info

Anyone can take the online class. The material covered applies to anyone interested in firearms and goes over firearm safety, Texas law, federal law, de-escalation techniques, methods of carry and more. Although anyone can take the online class, Texas has age and eligibility requirements for being able to carry without a license. 

This online class can be taken from almost any smartphone, tablet or computer and from anywhere in the world. Just login and begin watching the videos. 

Yes. The certificate issued at the successful completion of this course will state your name, the course name and the date of completion.

The Texas License to Carry a Handgun, or commonly known as the concealed handgun license and concealed carry permit, does not go away with the passage of permitless carry (also referred to as constitutional carry) in Texas. The LTC remains the best option for concealed and open carry in the state and is extremely beneficial to have if you plan to carry a handgun. 

A few benefits of an LTC include:

  • Carry in More Loations
  • Legal Protections
  • Trespass Protections
  • Carry in 37 States
  • Campus Carry
  • School Zone Carry
  • Law Enforcement Interactions
  • Knowledge of Gun Laws
  • No Background Checks for Gun Purchases

This online course will cover the following topics:

  • Texas Law
  • Use of Force 
  • Situational Awareness
  • Edibility
  • Methods of Carry

All of the material provided relates back to carrying a pistol in public in order to be as safe as possible. Whether you intend to carry a gun or not, this course is great for anyone interested in learning more about the above topics. 

To purchase the class as a gift for someone else, please go HERE to purchase a gift certificate.

Online course access expires 6 months from the purchase date. If additional time is needed to complete the class, extensions can be approved

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3150 reviews
videos and easy to understand and questions are directly from the videos all you have to do is pay attention.
Kaomi M.
Narrator/presenter is very easy to listen to and keep up with.
Bartolo M.
The class was great and full of information. I love the self pace and being able to take breaks in between.
James F.
Great format! Very informative. Would highly recommend.
Jennifer G.
Thank you
Beau A.
Great and quick course
Ira S.
Good material and convenient format.
Ryan G.
Very informative and detailed explanations of different laws that relate to LTC holders.
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Joel Kuchenski is the owner and lead instructor for OnlineTexasLTC.com. Joel has almost a decade of experience as a police officer for a large municipal police department in Texas. 

As a patrol officer, Joel worked multiple functions, including being a field training officer, tactical adjunct instructor, firearms instructor and CAST (counter assault strike team) member. Later, he moved to full time position as a cadet training instructor at the police academy. During this time, he taught cadets going through the academy and received additional certifications as a driving instructor and Taser instructor through TCOLE. With over 1000 hours of documented firearms and tactics training, this background allows Joel to teach classes with real world experience that gives a perspective and insight not provided elsewhere.

Certifications Include:

Currently a full time Texas License to Carry instructor, Joel has gained additional experience and knowledge with Texas laws and regulations that are not typically found elsewhere with his law enforcement experience.